My first car was… rough to say the least. And the shop charged me too much for very basic maintenance. For a high school student that could barely afford gas to get to class, this wasn’t cutting it. My second car was a $600 1984 diesel burning Mercedes-Benz. Yes that’s right $600. Picture what a $600 car should look like. It barely ran and at times, tried to keep me from arriving alive. I loved it. Turns out, used vegetable oil from restaurants can be converted to biodiesel, so this solved my gas problem! For extra funds I began buying, fixing, and selling cars on Craigslist. Sometimes the flips were good, sometimes they were bad, but it was really all about the adventures!

Painting in progress

Occasional two-wheels

Tendencies to enjoy MR2s

Science Communication

If you know me, you know I love having a million side-projects going on at once. If you really know me, you know my walk in closet has been converted into a lab space… I need a place to share my escapades, so five years ago I started uploading my projects to YouTube! The channel is still small, but it has always felt like fantastic practice in communicating my thoughts and ideas.

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Foraging, Cooking, and Eating

When I lived back on the east coast, I always loved going on hikes and just being in nature. Eventually I took a liking to hunting and identifying mushrooms. To the right here you can see a delicious golden chanterelle. Foraging is fun, but I’ve also always had at least some sort of garden since I was little. If you’ve never had a garden before, you should try potatoes. You go months not knowing whats happening and then finally one day you get to go on a Easter egg (potato) hunt through the dirt! And, of course, cooking! I wouldn’t consider myself an excellent cook, but I love trying new things! My signature dish is a homemade lasagna. I usually make two so that it lasts more than one day…

Hericium americanum or bears head tooth. By far the tastiest mushroom I’ve ever had!

This bread doesn’t look that great, but I made it with a non-conventional yeast called Kluyveromyces lactis!

I’ve always struggled to get big, tasty tomatoes. But the summer of 2021 treated me right!