Bioengineering PhD Student | Science Communicator | Entrepreneur

Nick R. Robertson

Yeast Genetics

I started my Bioengineering PhD at UC Riverside in 2020. My work in The Wheeldon Lab revolves around genetic engineering non-conventional yeast and developing molecular sensor systems.

PhD Work


For over 4 years I have been practicing science communication in the form of a YouTube channel. DIY Biotech is for students and anyone else interested in learning more about biology, chemistry, electronics, and engineering; it is a mini portfolio of my passion projects and interests.

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Rare Combinations

After trying to start a kombucha brewery in 2018, I found that the industry suffers from a lack of affordable alcohol detection equipment. For the past two years, I have been selling a new alcohol detector that I invented to brewers around the world.

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I am Nick. A scientist based in Riverside, California. I do consulting, science communication, run a company, and am currently working on my PhD in bioengineering at UC Riverside. Check out the website and feel free to contact me or follow my projects below!

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