Rare Combinations

The Problem

In 2017, I tried starting, of all things, a kombucha brewery while I was working on my bachelors degree. I found that any non-alcoholic beverage that’s sold needs to be below 0.5% alcohol content. Unfortunately, kombucha can brew up to 2% alcohol! After some research, I found that I wasn’t the only person with this problem… There were million-dollar lawsuits against breweries that had too much alcohol in their ‘booch.

The Solution

I spent the next year developing a device to solve this problem. My device works similarly to a breathalyzer. Lots of failed electronics and failed 3D prints later, I made a prototype and launched it on the kombucha subreddit. I have currently spent over three years selling alcohol content detecting devices to brewers around the world!


Now, I’m working on taking off a few of the many hats I’ve been wearing for this company. About a year ago, I hired an electrical engineering undergraduate at UC Riverside to help me manufacture these devices.

I’ve slowly realized that this is the biggest problem facing the kombucha industry. It feels fantastic to be helping people that are in the exact same shoes I was in.

If you would like to check out the company, visit the website!